4pcs 2pair 60mm Headset Foam Earbud ear buds For Edifier K550 Headphone 6cm Ear pads cushion
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4pcs 2pair 60mm Headset Foam Earbud ear buds For Edifier K550 Headphone 6cm Ear pads cushion

4pcs/2pair 60mm Headset Foam Earbud ear buds For Edifier K550 Headphone 6cm Ear pads cushion Replacement Sponge Covers For T50

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4pcs/2pair 60mm Headset Foam Earbud ear buds For Edifier K550 Headphone 6cm Ear pads cushion Replacement Sponge Covers For T50

Application: circular diameter 5.8-6.5CM headset headphone covers Material;headphone foam pads sponge earphone sponge colors;Black Package Included: 4 pieces (2 pair) Ear Pad Covers Very good material, Super toughness Earbud Earpad Ear Bud Pad Replacement Sponge Covers for Earphone Headsets are used to enhance your music listening experience by giving you a comfortable feel. You may also use these to provide better hygiene by changing your ear pads regularly. Also compatible with many Bluetooth Headsets

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